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Community-Based Organizations

Partner with BayREN to Achieve Your Goals

BayREN is a local government coalition of the nine Bay Area counties supporting communities to equitably achieve California’s climate and energy goals.

For us, equity means addressing systemic barriers to energy efficiency and electrification by working together with those who disproportionately face energy burdens, climate impacts, and are underrepresented in policy and decision-making.

Our Work is Better, Together

We are seeking partners that serve low and moderate income and underserved Bay Area residents and small businesses to coordinate efforts and leverage resources. To name a few benefits, our programs: 

  • Provide rebates, financing and technical assistance for electrification and energy and water efficiency building upgrades
  • Improve home comfort and indoor air quality
  • Reduce utility bills and building operating costs
  • Support local economic recovery by creating and sustaining new, local green jobs 

We’re excited to develop partnerships that enable us to support your work to improve community health and build economic and climate resilience. 

How to Partner With Us 

If you serve residents and/or business in a specific Bay Area county, please contact your BayREN County Representative to discuss how we can work together to serve your community. 

For general partnership inquiries or to learn more about opportunities to partner with BayREN in a multi-county capacity, please contact us to tell us a bit about your organization. 

Your BayREN County Representative

Your rep can point you in the right direction for BayREN resources — potential partnerships, rebates, financing and technical assistance — to help in your outreach efforts.

More Partnership Opportunities

Are you having a local fair or event? We can be there to distribute information. Is there a conference scheduled? We can give a presentation to share information on how BayREN programs and resources can support your community.